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Our Travel Cutlery is handcrafted from discarded Sheesham wood by local artisans of Gorakhpur. It is completely biodegradable, durable, stylish, lightweight and a perfect partner for your zero-waste lifestyle

Product Description:

Products: Spoon, Knife, Fork in a handcrafted jute bag

Material: Sheesham Wood

Packaging: Recyclable Jute Bag

Length: 6’ inch each

Why Wooden Cutlery?

Do you know approx. 40 billion of single use plastic cutlery is used and thrown away per year? Most of it is used only once.

Where does this plastic end up? Yes right, Oceans and landfills. And this plastic is putting around 2000 marine species in danger of ingestion.

We probably carry a reusable water bottle and bring our own bags to the grocery store so why should carrying your own sustainable cutlery set be any different?

Let’s make our travel experiences more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Our cutlery is convenient for travel, camping and hiking. You can use it for many many years to come and at the last compost it.

Care Instructions:

Wipe Clean with dry cloth.
Keep it in a dry and moisture free area.
Use a soft brush to clear off the food scraps.
Do not wash in dishwasher
Do not soak the cutlery in water for more than 1 min.
Rub with Olive oil or any other vegetable oil to keep the wood from drying out and cracking

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