Terraw Bamboo Knives

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Bid “adieu” to plastic cutlery forever! Ideal for use at parties, picnics, backyard cookouts, camping, or lunch boxes, these high quality knives are made from natural, strong and long lasting bamboo. The bamboo knife features a serrated edge that works best when cutting with a “sawing” motion to tear through your greens. This knife also works wonderfully to cut breads and cakes. So, next time you kick start another year by blowing candles off your cake, don’t do it with a plastic knife in your hand! After all, who wants to age with plastics?

Each piece is heat treated to keep the bamboo, microbe-free, odor, stain and heat resistant. You can simply wash and reuse it. The knives are 100% chemical free and packaged absolutely plastic free to keep you tad closer to “Terraw” Earth.

Post use, clean and keep in a dry place. Hand wash recommended. Do not microwave.

1. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and a highly renewable grass
2. 100% chemical free
3. Durable, heat and stain resistant
4. Light weight and strong

6 bamboo knives, 1 pull-string cotton pouch

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