Terraw Bamboo Forks

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Cut down on wasteful plastic cutlery with these 100% biodegradable bamboo forks. Be it dine in or take out, a restaurant or your dining table, bamboo cutlery makes for the perfect companion for a waste free lifestyle. These high quality forks are made from natural, strong and long lasting bamboo. Each piece is heat treated to keep the bamboo, microbe-free, odor, stain and heat resistant. You can simply wash and reuse it. The forks are 100% chemical free and packaged absolutely plastic free to keep you tad closer to “Terraw” Earth. Throw a couple in your bag pack to eat on the go or stock your kitchen with these one of a kind bamboo flatware.

Post use, clean and keep in a dry place. Hand wash recommended. Do not microwave.

1. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and a highly renewable grass
2. 100% chemical free
3. Durable, heat and stain resistant
4. Light weight and strong

6 bamboo forks, 1 pull-string cotton pouch

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