Terraw Bamboo Cutlery Travel Kit

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This hand curated, ergonomically designed Bamboo Cutlery Travel Kit is a biodegradable alternative to dispensable plastic counterparts. The kit is designed keeping in mind the requisites of a modern-day traveler/explorer who loves to traverse everything this beautiful planet has to offer, without tampering planet’s well-being. The kit consists of Bamboo spoon, fork and knife along with a stainless-steel straw for those lip smacking drinks and shakes. The straw is accompanied with a straw cleaner made from natural sisal fiber which is 100% biodegradable. Also comes along, a cotton napkin wrapped in a portable jute pouch, handcrafted by a group specially-abled women artisans in Jharkhand. The products are heat treated to keep the bamboo, microbe-free, odor, stain and heat resistant. You can simply wash and reuse it on the go. The kit is 100% chemical free and packaged plastic free to keep you tad closer to “Terraw” Earth. MAINTENANCE & CARE: Post use, clean and dry the cutlery before keeping it in the kit. HIGHLIGHTS: 1. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and a highly renewable grass 2. 100% chemical free 3. Bristles of straw cleaner are made of sisal fiber which is completely biodegradable 4. Encompassed in handmade jute pouch; easy to carry, easier to travel with 5. Plastic-free packaging PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 1. Jute Kit (Open): 9×9 inches 2. Jute Kit (Wrapped): 9×3 inches 3. Spoon Length: 8 inches 4. Fork Length: 8 inches 5. Knife Length: 8 inches 6. Bent Straw Length: 8.5 inches 7. Cotton Napkin: 12×12 inches 8. Weight of the Kit: 210 grams INSIDE THE PACKAGE: 1 bamboo spoon, 1 bamboo fork, 1 bamboo knife, 1 stainless steel bent straw, 1 sisal fiber straw cleaner, 1 cotton napkin, 1 jute pouch

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