Terracotta Water Bottle

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Earthen matkas were part of every household till a decade back. We have given it a contemporary twist and reshaped it to sleek water bottles. Now, you can easily take it out of your kitchen. It is easy to hold and perfect to place on your wfh tables. Since clay is porous in nature, process of evaporation starts as water is stored in clay bottles. It makes the water naturally cool, without any refrigeration. Drinking water from earthen water bottles retains the proper pH balance increases body metabolism. The bottles have undergone series of treatments to avoid any kind of microbial growth. It is a great alternative to plastic water bottles, adding value to the environment and your health.

Maintenance and Care:

Before you start using it, soak overnight. Dry naturally and start using it. If water droplets is seen outside the bottle, do not worry, it is the process of evaporation to keep the water naturally cool. Wash the bottle weekly with boiled water and mild soap.

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