Tea Tree Shampoo - 30ml

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Embrace the opulence of Ayurveda for healthier locks!

With the perfect blend of Ayurveda and goodness of tea tree, Frescia’s Tea tree shampoo pulls out dirt, excess oil and dandruff and leaving you with a squeaky clean scalp & luscious locks. The active components of tea tree treats and heals dandruff so that you can get rid of itchiness on the scalp and the disgrace of dandruff flakes wherever you go. Refresh your hair follicle with this paraben and SLS free shampoo to achieve shiny, bouncy and dandruff-free hair.
The fresh scent of tea tree oil invigorates the scalp and gives a sweet natural fragrance to your hair. The special ingredients leave a cooling and tingling sensation on the scalp and make your hair silky and shiny.

Nourishes the hair & scalp deeply
Fights with Dandruffs
Provides Softening and hydrating hair
Prevents hair loss
Restores shine

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