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Want to show some love to your body? Why not try out all natural Tea Tree Body Cleansers from Frescia? Frescia has launched natural Tea Tree Body Cleansers combo that can make your skin smooth, soft and naturally glowing. Basil & tea tree shower gel is the best shower gel with best fragrance for men and women. Experience the refreshment as the shower gel cleanses your body thoroughly from impurities, dirt, oil, dead skin cells with the goodness of natural ingredients like basil and tea tree oil. Tea tree body scrub deeply cleanses your skin further to help you obtain more softer and smoother skin without any impurities stuck even in skin pores. If you have been looking for natural bodycare products, this tea tree body cleansers combo is the perfect pick for you as it contains best shower gel for winter and body scrub for glowing skin. Benefits of Tea Tree Body Cleansers: Prevents body odor Treats body acne Removes dark spots on skin Deeply cleanses skin Brightens skintone Nourishes skin deeply & gives hydrated feel after every wash Reduces dark patches on elbows, knees and armpits

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