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Try Frescia’s Tea tree neem cleansers to clean all dirts & fight with stubborn acne.

Stubborn acnes can be a real headache especially when you have a special occasion coming. You can easily get rid of the acne without applying harsh chemicals on your face. Yes, it’s absolutely possible with Frescia’s tea tree neem cleansers combo. Neem is a traditional herb that has been passed down ages as a skin purifier. Tea tree oil is a powerful botanical oil containing antioxidants that helps to treat acne and prevent them from coming back.
Frescia has formulated all-natural cleansers that you will love to add in your skin regime to bid a good bye to acne and heartily welcome glowing flawless skin. With the regular use of Tea tree & neem anti acne face wash, you can remove all the impurities, dust, tan, pollution and stress from your face to start a fresh day with a fresh face or happily end a long tiring day with a squeaky clean and soft skin.
The weekly or biweekly use of tea tree and neem face scrub deeply cleanses your skin pores and clears up any microbial impurities that may lead to break out on your beautiful skin.
The gentle yet effective treatment on acnes makes this tea tree neem cleansers combo the best natural anti acne skin especially for oily and sensitive skin.
Benefits of Tea Tree Neem Cleansers:

Purifies Skin and Provides deep nourishment

Helps to reduce acne, acne spots and blemishes

Radiants skin tone

Balances excess facial oil

Makes skin smoother, softer and supple

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