Spire Candle - Large

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Steady-standing and solid in colour, this tall cone candle can handle an eventful evening. Our long-lasting cone candles burn with a steady, calm flame. Hand-poured from the finest Soy wax and finished with a 100% natural, cotton wick. Unscented and solid grey throughout. Spire cone candles are designed to stand steady and burn evenly. To avoid dripping, do not expose them to a draught and do not place them too close together. Always make sure to place candles on a non-flammable, stable surface. Colours are shown in images in the same order as the colour names appearing in the options, Long-lasting: 16 hrs burn time, Dimensions: 2 x 25 cm (diameter x height), Fragrance Infused, Refined soy wax, 100% cotton wick

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