SOLID PERFUME DEODORANT (15g) - Parama Naturals

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For all-day freshness with a mild and uplifting fragrance of vetiver, mint. Non-greasy quick-absorbing non-staining oil-in-butter formulation, with Malabar kokum, rich in antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients like neem and turmeric which keep the skin free of odor and irritation, without blocking pores or skin discoloration

Recommended for -

Neutralizing body odor in sweat-prone areas and skin folds like underarms and feet
Moisturizing and soothing sensitive areas
Uplifting and enhancing the mood
Best suited for - all ages, all skin types.

Note: The Solid Deo Butter is an attempt to create a 100% natural and sustainable alternative to a Deo Stick. If not as a deo, you could just use it as a slightly fragrant cream/butter on your body, as all our products serve multiple purposes

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