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The Neem has been a great gift of care from Mother Earth. The Neem bark extracts exhibit anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.
And a comb made out of such a medicinal bark will carry these benefits BACK to ROOTS…of your
Product Details:

Made in India

Material: Natural reclaimed Neem Wood Comb

Packaging: Made with Recycled waste paper

Size: 19 cm x 5 cm

- Anti fungal and antibacterial

- Reduction in hair loss, dandruff

- Comfortable gripping

- Anti-static, prevents frizzing and breaking of hair

- Soft on your hair and scalp

- Lasts for years
Care Instructions:

-You can wash it. But take care to dry it after washing. Use a spare toothbrush to clean its teeth.
End of Life:

- Our Neem comb usually lasts for lifetime. But in case they break you can decompose them

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