Lavender-Turmeric ALL DAY LITE Moisturizing Face Oil

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This light moisturizing day oil with natural powerhouses Turmeric and Lavender, is great for skin clarifying and for mood uplifting. Non-greasy, quick-absorbing face oil for an instant glow and relaxing the mind.

Recommended for –

Revitalizing dull skin for a radiant refreshed look
A quick makeover or a base before applying make-up
Works on local skin issues and mild infections like acne, eczema, boils
Uplifting the mood and spirits
Best suited for – all skin types, especially acne-prone or oily skin with large pores. Good for teens onwards.

***For those allergic to lingering or strong smells, try the Turmeric All-Day Lite Face Oil

Instructions for Use - Use daily and as often as required for keeping the skin hydrated
1. Post-bath moisturiser - After bath or face cleansing with a natural cleanser. Pat dry. Apply on face and neck in circular upward motion, and especially in the under-eye area. Leave on and let it work its magic throughout the day.
2. Anytime moisturizer and mood balancer - Apply directly on face, neck and hands (similar to the above method)
3. As a base under any other cosmetics - Apply directly on face and neck to give a protective coat, before using other cosmetics which may have chemicals in them.

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