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Most extensive skincare kit +1 that you can find in the market! Enjoy radiant skin, soft body and shiny hair with Frescia’s deep nourishment kit! The ultimate nourishment your skin craves for!

The powerful combo of tea tree and argan oil is hard to resist. Frescia’s deep nourishment travel kit comprises tea tree face wash (30ml), argan oil cream(30ml), basil tea tree shower gel (30ml), argan oil body lotion (30ml) and tea tree shampoo (30ml). We take care of you from tip to toe.

Shoo away pimples to look flawless with tea tree face wash. Enriched with the goodness of tea tree oil, it deeply cleanses your skin and helps you get rid of all the pollution, dirt and oil. The freshness is locked and so is the moisture with argan oil cream. Enjoy soft and supple skin with a boost of rehydration for your skin!

Want to refresh yourself after traveling long hours? Grab basil tea tree shower gel! While the foam and alluring aroma refresh your mind, this natural product cleanses your skin. While basil purifies your skin, tea tree oil takes care of your back acnes! Once done, nourish your skin with argan oil body lotion! You will surely love the softness of your skin. No more hiding your beautiful skin on a beach day!

Beautiful skin with dirty hair is not a good combination! Get rid of all the dirt and oil from your hair with tea tree shampoo. Nourish your scalp and strengthen your hair with this all-natural paraben-free shampoo. No more dandruff with the power of tea tree oil!

How to use?

Wet your face, take a pea-sized quantity of tea tree face wash, massage it in circular motions on your face and neck, wash off and enjoy flawless skin as you pat dry your face.
Dot the argan oil cream on your face and neck and then gently massage it in a circular motion. You are ready to flaunt your glow!
Wet your body, squeeze out some basil tea tree shower gel and rub it on your body, wash off and experience the freshness.
Apply a few drops of lotion on hands, legs and other dry body parts. Massage gently until argan oil body lotions absorb (It takes just a few seconds!) No more flaky skin!
Wet your hair, take some tea tree shampoo on your palm, massage it on your scalp and hair and finally rinse until the water runs clean. Enjoy another good hair day!
Key Ingredients:

Tea Tree Oil: Extracted from the authentic source, Frescia’s tea tree face wash contains the extract of pure tea tree oil. It not only fights acne but also soothes redness and puffiness. With the antimicrobial properties, tea tree oil helps in preventing fungal and bacterial infections as well.
Argan Oil: The most luxurious essential oil has been used in Frescia’s argan oil cream and shampoo to ensure prime softness. This thick oil helps to lock in moisture into your skin and hair to give you smooth and supple skin and hair. It also protects your skin and hair from sun damage.

Save more space in your luggage to pack whatever you like!
Perfect mini combo for starting skin and hair care regime
Supple skin for long hours and shiny hair to get awesome clicks!
A perfect kit if you want to try 100% natural skin and hair care products for the first time.

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