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Innovation is exciting, but it becomes meaningful when it bridges a gap that’s longing for its turn. One such gap came to light, and it germinated the idea of Blue Barrows – a curated marketplace for all things handmade and brands homegrown.

This gap had resulted from two dilemmas: a. The inability of small brands and artists to reach the right audiences, and b. Consumers’ concern about the authenticity and credibility of these brands and artists. Thus, our mission was clear, and we launched Blue Barrows in 2017 — a decision that would help realize the dreams of an unaddressed segment of responsible shoppers.

Today, Blue Barrows is the tipping point ushering into the new era of conscious eCommerce. Our sellers are homegrown brands that have mastered sustainable production techniques and embrace India’s indigenous handicrafts. We believe in thoughtful shopping decisions that aren’t motivated by flash sales and clearance offers, for we sell carefully crafted products already at their best prices. The brands on Blue Barrows stress lean production and waste reduction, and therefore it’s likely what you buy from our website is uniquely made just for you. Owing to all these reasons and more, Blue Barrows is continuously closing the gap between India’s homegrown brands and responsible shoppers. We have committed ourselves to this cause, and we are aiming higher every day.

Our Vision

As of 2022, the Blue Barrows family has grown to more than 200 brands and artists, spanning over 35 categories and 1500 products. We have a customer base that grows every day, and we are introducing the idea of responsible shopping to more people than ever before. Going at the same rate, we envision establishing Blue Barrows at the heart of conscious eCommerce.

We see a near future where everybody tries their best to substitute unsustainable and polluting products with eco-friendly alternatives, and Blue Barrows helps them in this ethical pursuit. We will serve as the one-stop, global marketplace for all homegrown brands and their customers, and we plan to achieve all this by 2025

Every product on Blue Barrows has a story worth telling. These products symbolize the skill, love and toil of their crafters through intricate designs made by hand. Our mission? To bring their stories to the forefront and make sustainability mainstream.

Heemang Parmar

Founder & CEO
IIM Lucknow Alumnus










Founded in 2017 by an IIM Alumnus, Blue Barrows is a Global E-Commerce Marketplace for Premium Handcrafted Products & Homegrown D2C Brands. 
Our mission is to help brands & creative entrepreneurs scale their businesses globally using our top-notch Design & Technology. By 2025, we aim to serve 2 million active global sellers, promoting handcrafted & sustainable products.


Blue Barrows is an eCommerce company that offers unique products from homegrown brands across India. These products adhere to sustainability norms and are often handmade as well as made to order. Our catalogue has a wide variety from home decor to beauty and wellness than what meets the eye.

Blue Barrows bridges the gap between homegrown brands and their right audiences. We curate the very best assortment of handcrafted products that help you lead a responsible lifestyle. And, at the same time, we give due recognition to the small brands and artists by highlighting them using brand stories, individual seller pages, etc., so that they augment their positioning along with their revenues.

We offer free returns, cancellations, and exchanges under certain circumstances. Have a look at our cancellation policy here.

At Blue Barrows, we are looking out for products that feature high-quality craftsmanship. Further, we prefer items that are ethically produced, using sustainable practices and thoughtful designs. Our categories include aromatherapy, home decor, bags and wallets, beauty and wellness, kitchenware, stationery, and many more.

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